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Yoga, Meditation & Healing with Zsuzsanna
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About Zsuzsanna

Yoga saved my life in so many levels 

Zsuzsanna is a lover of life, yogini, bicycle rider, reader, singer & dancer,

mommy of 2 girls, baker, teacher, series dog walker, spiritual guide, free spirit and loyal friend on the path.

Sometimes together, sometimes falling apart, but always inspired and empowered by love!

She is passionate about sharing the full, rich teachings of yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra, philosophy) in a truly experiential way that helps to positively transform our whole experience of being alive.

Zsuzsanna has been practicing yoga on and off the mat for several years.

An artist by profession and nature, she finds comfort in expressing her creativity through yoga.


She is a compassionate yoga teacher who believes that the gifts of yoga can be found by anyone who seeks them no matter what age or body type one happens to be in.

Through yoga, Zsuzsanna has found a deeper sense of compassion, confidence and love and finds it an honor to be able to share that practice with others.

Zsuzsanna main focus teaching self-healing to others to reach to the higher self through meditation, breathing exercise & yoga practise.






ABOUT YogiSouls




YogiSouls gives you a handful of high quality yoga & mindfulness practices at no cost.

The goal is to inspire and guide all people from all walks of life regardless to ages, sizes & shapes from all over the Earth. 

Namaste my friends


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